First Day of School, 2008

It’s the first day of fourth grade, which means Athena is officially in Judy Blume territory. Athena says “I’m very excited about the first day of school, although by the third day, I’ll be dreading it,” which I… Read More

Here in Ann Arbor

And getting ready for my thing today with Toby and Paul. Aaaaaaaaaand that’s all you’re getting today from me because I’m, like, getting ready for my thing with Toby and Paul. And then I have to drive home…. Read More

Summer Hair = Forever Young

Monday starts the school year here, so this is the last Saturday of the summer, and here’s a video from The Academy Is… that looks like the last house party on the last Saturday of summer – i.e.,… Read More

From the “Dogs! And Cats! Living Together!” File

Zeus and Kodi don’t care what you think of their relationship. Just ask them.

Various & Sundry, 8/23/08

Look! A bunch of little stuff! * First, everyone who keeps pestering me about the “Hate Mail” winners will be happy to know I’ll be announcing the winners either Monday or Tuesday. We’ve had the winner’s names for… Read More

Topics Not Generally Relating to Me, Part Two

I asked for topics, you gave them to me, and they’re not about me! Go, not me. Alan Kellogg: What is it about skiffy flicks and crappy scripts? I should probably save this for an AMC column, because… Read More

Reminder: Ann Arbor Appearance Sunday (and Dayton Tuesday) (Oh, and Lexington Friday)

If you live in Ann Arbor, and your Sunday is looking to be a vast expanse of nothingness punctuated bathroom breaks, I would like to take this moment to remind you that at 2pm Sunday at Ann Arbor’s… Read More

Topics Not Generally Relating to Me, Part One

Having gotten bored with myself, I asked you all to list some topics you’re interesting in me opining about that aren’t me me me me me. Here are some of them, and we’ll do another one of these… Read More

The Fate of Short Fiction Online

Over at the Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine blog, F&SF editor/publisher Gordon Van Gelder comments and wants your feedback on short fiction published online. If you’ve got a moment, check it out and give him your thoughts.

Further Tales of Home Improvementary

In which we view the seldom-seen formal dining room, wrapped in plastic, awaiting the refinishing of the ceiling. Below the dining room, unseen in this photo, the basement is being emptied of much stuff, most of which is… Read More

Officially Bored With Myself

Man, blah blah blah blah ego ego blah. If I’m bored with myself by this point, I can only imagine how the rest of you feel. I’m taking topic requests for today and tomorrow. Suggest something for me… Read More

ArmadilloCon Wrapup

(Picture of me at ArmadilloCon taken from here, because even though I brought a camera I never bothered to take it out, because apparently I’m an idijit. Thank you Merbrat!) It’s taken me the better part of a… Read More

Daughters of Ripley

Over at AMC this week, I’m writing about the epochal science fiction character that is Ellen Ripley, and what she meant for strong, competent women (who don’t have to sex you up to get the job done) in… Read More

Zoe’s Tale on Kindle

For all you Kindlers out there: Zoe’s Tale is available on your favorite e-reader. And now, before you query me about other books, formats, etc: My electronic books primer. Please read. Update: It’s available on the Sony Reader,… Read More

It Has Been Revealed

You will no doubt recall, all of you, that I have been making cryptic pronouncements about a thing that I have done, which was evil yet awesome, which was to have been visited upon one of you. Now… Read More

It Could Be Made Into a Monster if We All Pull Together As a Team

A little birdie tells me that The Last Colony made the New York Times Bestseller list for mass market paperbacks. It’s on the extended list (i.e., “the part of the list we don’t actually publish in the book… Read More

My Dragon*Con and Decatur Book Festival Appearances

As many of you know, I and Tobias Buckell will be parachuting into the Atlanta area on Labor Day weekend to show our faces at the Decatur Book Festival and at Dragon*Con. I now have some idea of… Read More

Zoë Arrives

Due to hilarious circumstances too wacky and zany to go into here, my author copies of Zoe’s Tale and the paperback of The Last Colony were delayed in getting to me, so the first time I actually laid… Read More

The Door Into Summer

What a lovely squared-off hole in my house. There used to be a door there; there will yet be another door there, hopefully before the end of the day. For the moment, however: square hole. Hopefully the raccoons… Read More

Bang Bang Bang Bang Saw Thump Bang

In my house at the moment are men who, in no particular order: * Are tearing down one of the doors of my house * Are sawing through the ceiling * Are loitering in the master bathroom Is… Read More