Proof the McCain Campaign Has No Idea What It’s Doing

It thinks that I am part of the “McCain Ohio Team.” I have no earthly idea what they’re thinking, man. But I guess hope springs eternal. Into the spam bin it goes. And before any of you McCain… Read More

Old Man’s War: The Title Sequence

This is kind of fun: A student did a mock-up title sequence for an Old Man’s War TV show for his class on motion graphics. I found it out there on teh Intaarnets, although apparently (according to the… Read More

Scalzi & Buckell Together Again, 10/2 in Columbus, OH

For those of you who live in or near Columbus, Ohio and would rather drag a rake across your eyeballs than suffer through the Vice-Presidential debates, allow me to offer you an alternate plan for your evening: Come… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXX

And now we’ve come to the last day of the month-long retrospective of Whatever, celebrating its ten-year anniversary. And to celebrate, I’m airing the last entry in my “That Was The Millennium That Was” series from 1999, in… Read More

Why Yes, I Should Write About Politics

Over on his site, Paolo Bacigalupi asks the question “Should Fiction Writers Write About Politics?” in the wake a of reader comment after Paolo did, indeed, write about politics. While Paolo answers the question to his own satisfaction… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXIX

In which a fine tradition of big fat dorkery is revealed. MAY 13, 2003: Proof I Am Like This in Real Life We enter a recent IM conversation between Bill and John shortly after John notes that he’s… Read More

Free Falling

My sister called me this morning and asked me if I was okay. I told her I was fine and asked why she was asking. The answer was that she suspected I had quite a lot of money… Read More

The Big Idea: Kenneth Hite

Now that my travels have ended (yay!), it’s time to get back on the stick with the Big Idea features — we’ve got quite a few coming up in the next couple of months, and this week I’ll… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXVIII

Today is a travel day, as I wing my way back to my family after more than a week apart from them; as you can imagine I’m looking forward to seeing them soon — and there won’t be… Read More

ZT Review in the San Francisco Chronicle

Zoe’s Tale gets a positive nod in the San Francisco paper today: Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” novels owe a debt to Robert A. Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers,” and “Zoe’s Tale” tips its hat to the much-loved Heinlein juveniles, such… Read More

The Myth of the Knockout

I didn’t watch the debate last night, because it was the last night of the Viable Paradise writing workshop and I wanted to hang out and say goodbye to the students we’d been with for the last week…. Read More

RIP, Paul Newman

The CNN.com top crawl notes that Paul Newman passed away today at 83. No deep thoughts here, except to say, what a good actor and what a decent man. So long, Butch Cassidy.

Whatever X, Day XXVII

Now, here’s a choice piece of Whatever archaeology, and of some relevance considering that I’ve just spent a week teaching at a writing workshop: the entry I wrote right after I finished Old Man’s War. OCTOBER 29, 2001:… Read More

Metatropolis Cover: Ooooh, Shiny!

As something to leave you with as we head out of the week and into the weekend: The cover art for the audiobook anthology featuring Elizabeth Bear, Toby Buckell, Jay Lake, Karl Schroeder and me. I’ll have more… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXVI

What was I like when I was a kid? Here are some snippets. MARCH 7, 2006: 10 Childhood Nuggets For the second entry in Reader Request Week 2006, Gabe, seconded by Claire, asks about my childhood. Rather than… Read More

Hate Mail in the Mail

Subterranean Press has announced that Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever 1998 – 2008 is now shipping to everyone who pre-ordered the book and is also now otherwise generally available. To which I say:… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXV

Since this actually came up as a subject of discussion at Viable Paradise, I thought I would air this particular entry again: MARCH 7, 2006: Reader Request Week 2006: SF Novels and Films All right, let’s take a… Read More

John McCain, Candidate for President of WTFistan

Honestly, I no longer know what to make of John McCain anymore. A man who has readily admitted he doesn’t know much about the economy makes a big show of bringing his presidential campaign to a grinding halt… Read More

Dum Dum Dum… DUM DUM!

Is it Thursday already? It is! And that means another AMC science fiction movie column. This week I’m talking about musical scores of science fiction films — offering up some suggestions for what I think are significant scores… Read More

This is Relevant to My Interests

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