Whateveresque Registration Open, 9/2/08

If you’ve been pining for the opportunity to join Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, de-pine yourself this very moment, because from now until 10pm this evening, you can register! Go now! Fulfill your destiny! And, also, write some posts and chat with other Whatever readers without waiting for me to set the topic and so on.

Reminder to everyone to try not to look like a spambot when you register. Here’s how to do that.

2 thoughts on “Whateveresque Registration Open, 9/2/08

  1. Wait! It’s only a quarter of nine and it’s closed! How can this be? You aren’t in Eastern time! . . . Are you? Aren’t you in Central time? Rescue me, Google!

    DAMN it. Bradford, Ohio is in EST. I hate this game.

    I’ll get you next month, Scalzi. *shakes fist*

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