Shave Secret

I despise shaving, first because it’s damn annoying and second because there are certain specific spots on my face and neck which, regardless of how much care I take or what razor or shaving cream I use, scrape… Read More

Why I Like to Publish Short Stories Online

This is why: 5:06pm, September 3, 2008: Complete short story entitled “Denise Jones, Super Booker.” 5:09pm: Submit it to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press. 5:15pm: Bill Schafer buys the story. 5:16pm: Payment for story arrives in my Paypal… Read More

Whatever X, Day III

As an FYI, the novel I was writing in this 2001 Whatever entry was Old Man’s War. JULY 16, 2001: “Working on the Novel” What a wonderful phrase: “Working on the novel.” Writers know exactly what the means:… Read More