Whatever X, Day XI

In this refresh from the archives, I’m thinking symbolically. JUNE 19, 2005: Two rings I haven’t worn a wedding ring in several years, on account that I’ve lost not just one, but two — both in the yard… Read More

Fletch Mourns

Nuts. Gregory McDonald, the author of the many and various “Fletch” novels, has died. Not at all ashamed to say McDonald was a very large influence on me as an author, particularly in how he handled dialogue —… Read More

Post-Apocalypses Are Fun!

This week over at AMC I’m looking at why post-apocalyptic films are such a staple of the science fiction genre — I mean, beyond “because Will Smith really needs to be threatened by virus-laden zombies.” Maybe he does,… Read More

What I Remember

It brought us together. Remember that, among everything else that happened. It’s worth remembering, especially this year.

The Bishops Come Out (Against Prop 8)

This is a positive thing: California’s six most senior Episcopal bishops Wednesday unanimously declared their opposition to a constitutional amendment on the statewide November ballot that would ban same-sex marriage. The bishops argued that preserving the right of… Read More