Zoe Sounds Good

I got my copy of the Zoe’s Tale audiobook today, and have been listening to certain parts of it that I was hoping the narrator wouldn’t mess up, and I’m really extraordinarily happy to say that, in fact,… Read More

Twitchy, Twitchy

The site seems to be having hiccups today, so if you have some problems with accessing/commenting, it’s not you (or not just you). I’m looking into it.

Lie to Me

One of the more depressing articles of this political cycle popped up on Slate today, asking not why McCain’s campaign is outright lying about so many things in its political ads and messaging, but why Obama isn’t. Sure,… Read More

Whatever X, Day XV

Let’s just say that my daughter’s personal style became apparent pretty early on, as this next repeat, from when she was four, shows. APRIL 16, 2003: Scene From an Uno Game SCENE OPENS on John and Athena, playing… Read More