Fiddling, Part II

Okay, after trying WP-Supercache and not actually having it appear to cache much of anything (and after studiously following installation directions, thanks), I’ve reinstalled WP-Cache and have set the cache to be twice as long as it was… Read More

To Staunch The Flood of E-Mail

Yes, I know about Sarah Palin’s private e-mail being hacked. You don’t have to send it to me anymore. Thanks, though. I also know about that e-mail from that lady from her hometown. God forbid there should ever… Read More

The Last Colony, Now In Readable Electron Form

The Last Colony is now available in electronic form, both on the Kindle and apparently in other formats as well (here it is in the Sony eBook Store). So now all my books are available electronically one way… Read More

Oh My God! We’re Nationalizing Businesses!

Are we socialists yet? No, no. Relax. We couldn’t possibly be socialists. Socialists only nationalize successful businesses.

Whatever X, Day XVII

This one’s a two-parter, from February of 1999. FEBRUARY 3, 1999: The Day The Groundhog Died A friend forwarded me the following story, of which I will quote the opening graph: TORONTO (Reuters) — The untimely death of… Read More