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  1. Am I the only one having problems with feedreaders? Several times in the last few weeks, and right now in particular, Netvibes gives “500 Internal Server Error” for any Whatever page I try to retrieve.

    Going straight to Whatever works fine, though.

  2. Good luck – it’s been up and down like a naughty person’s undertrousers today.

    Here’s hoping it’s settled down.

  3. I actually laughed out loud at “naughty person’s undertrousers.” It seems incongruous to pair a scatological reference with such prim language. Just thought I’d share that, Hugh.

  4. To elaborate on the lack of feedery: I have set Netvibes to display the “actual” page rather than just the RSS contents when I show Whatever (some pages I do, some I don’t — usually if I am more likely to read the “below the fold” stuff regularly, I show the whole page). So the RSSy stuff shows up, but selecting the page results in an error.

    Happened with my original post, but now it’s fine.

  5. You have a couple options of exploration:

    – Reducing plugins. Sometimes this helps. WP-cache and WP-supercache will re-generate a page when a comment is made, resulting in hitting the database again for every plugin that’s being displayed somehow, somewhere.

    – There’s a plugin (or a couple) that will cache the output of the sidebar code. I think that may help you more than WP-supercache did; it and WP-cache only work at the level of entire pages, not individual little sidebar thingummies.

    – Your MySQL database may be in severe need of cleanup, re-indexing, and whatever is its equivalent of “vacuuming” is. And a MySQL super-expert needs to look into tuning that database, either through creating better indexing, adjusting caching parameters (the last will help the most, I think), and maybe doing something with the number of threads the server has to process simultaneous requests.

    Your database is your bottleneck here, as others have pointed out; it usually is with most blogs.

    You may also be able to create single-post pages that don’t incorporate the sidebars. This is something that can be done by someone with not a small amount of knowledge of tweaking WordPress themes, both the PHP code, the HTML code, and the stylesheet sides—all three will need to be involved to do that. I think that will help quite a bit, though not as much as it could do.

    I almost want to say “hire me! hire me!” but unfortunately my job won’t let me do that. :)

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