Technical Crap Update

I’ve put in a request for my host provider to put on a new server, so maybe that will help with all the server errors and whatnot. In the short term, however, I’ve taken down the “Random Whatever” and “The Critics Rave!” sidebar widgets to help reduce the calls to the database. Maybe that will help a little bit.

Thanks everyone also for your feedback re: ads — it’s very good to get an outside perspective on that stuff.

Meanwhile: Hey, I’m in New York. And there’s a cat sitting on my chest. Maybe it’s the New York equivalent of a lei.

15 thoughts on “Technical Crap Update

  1. Where in New York? Signings? Readings? Request infodump.

    (Disregard if just, you know, visiting friends or whatever. Or if you just don’t feel like answering. The usual.)

  2. I’ve heard of some B&B that have a cat for every guest room. Of course, co-opting a friend’s cat when visiting them always works as well.

  3. Just as a data point, yesterday (Friday) and today I have found Whatever much faster than it’s been for a couple of weeks.

  4. From the picture on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog this morning it looks like you’re having fun! I’d take sausage over bacon any day.

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