Whatever X, Day XXIV

One of the true classics of the Whatever, because it includes not only pictures, but a recipe! SEPTEMBER 26, 2006: How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie My word, what is this dark and vaguely sinister-looking pie you see… Read More

ZT Review at Blogcritics + Baltimore City Paper Article

There’s a very nice review of Zoe’s Tale going on over at Blogcritics (which recently became part of the Technorati media empire, so well done on them), and the reviewer (author Mel Odom) seems taken with the character… Read More

What Happens When I Get a Little Too Much Coke Zero In Me

Here at Viable Paradise, one of the traditions is a Tuesday night reading of a Shakespeare play. This year it was The Tempest, and I had the part of Stephano, the drunken butler, while Marko Kloos played Trinculo… Read More

Romanian and Chinese Covers

I love it when I get to see covers of my books in other countries, and today I have the pleasure of showing you covers in two different countries. First, here are the covers of the books in… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXIII

You ask, “What did Scalzi think about fashion in 1999?” I’m glad you asked! AUGUST 17, 1999: Gap Vests I’m trying to figure out the brain process that led the fashion mavens at the Gap to declare that… Read More

YA For Obama

My pal and fellow author Maureen Johnson has started YA for Obama, which features YA authors talking about why politics matters to them, and encouraging their target audience to get involved and active, even if they are not… Read More

Whatever X, Day XXII

Because I think it’s fun to inflict my musical stylings upon you! Again! JULY 26, 2005: Saturn Speaks John Scalzi again. No, I’m not back yet. I still have a week left on my hiatus. However, I wanted… Read More

Happy Birthday Heather

It’s my big sister’s birthday today, so: Happy birthday Heather! As your gift, I’m officially forgiving you for trying to stave in my head with a 7-iron when I was eight years old, sending me to the hospital… Read More

Ping From MV

I’ve made it to Martha’s Vineyard to start teaching at Viable Paradise. It seems lovely; the cell phone reception sucks. Don’t expect to see too much of me this week. Rumor is, however, that the Internet is vast… Read More

Question for the People in My Country

You’re registered to vote, yeah? And you’re actually planning to vote?

Whatever X, Day XXI

In 2005, I settled one of the great genre questions of all time. It was easy, really. DECEMBER 2, 2005: How to Tell SF From F Uh-oh. Just when we least expected it, a seminar on genre theory… Read More

Whatever X, Day XX

Today is a good day to remember people who mattered to you. This is from three years ago. MARCH 3, 2005: Laurence McMillin, 1923 – 2005 News has reached me that Larry McMillin, who was my teacher, has… Read More

Technical Crap Update

I’ve put in a request for my host provider to put Scalzi.com on a new server, so maybe that will help with all the server errors and whatnot. In the short term, however, I’ve taken down the “Random… Read More

Addressing Several Needs at Once: An Open Pimp Thread

First, in recognition of that portion of the Whatever audience who will go through smack-like withdrawals because it will be at least ten days before any new pictures of the cat, here’s Ghlaghghee. Try to ration yourselves when… Read More

Whatever X, Day XIX

To make up for the fact that I’m traveling today and therefore won’t be posting much, here’s a really long reprint from 2004. Quantity! It rules! APRIL 19, 2004: Reader Request Week 2004 #1: Boys and Girls Welcome… Read More


After much kvetching, my host provider is rebooting my server to see if it clears up the errors. Depending how long it takes to put the site down and bring it back up, we might be out of… Read More

Your Feedback Requested

Okay, folks, I want your feedback on something. And let me dive right into it — here are the reasons why, after ten years, I am seriously considering putting some ads on Whatever: 1. As the last week… Read More

Oh, Look, a Novella

As most of you know, I recently wrote a novella for Metatropolis, the audiobook anthology I edited, which also features kickass stories from Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder, and which is coming out next… Read More

Whatever X, Day XVIII

Today, we’re going back again to 1999, and an in-depth examination of the overall state of my soul JULY 3, 1999: The Seven Deadly Sins (and Me) This morning I reached what is likely to be a nadir… Read More

The Look, The Feel… of Science Fiction

It’s Thursday, and we all know what that means: first, free pedicure day at The Toe Hut (formerly Starbucks — 8,000 locations near you!) and second, it’s the day my science fiction film column runs at AMCtv.com. This… Read More