Your Weekend Art Installation

It’s here. You will be moved. Be sure to read the captions. They will pierce your very soul. You may need the whole weekend to contemplate. Take it. It will be worth it.

And Now, Something Nice to Take Us Into the Weekend

Here, it’s Sarah Harmer. I dare you not to like her. You can’t! It’s unpossible! Enjoy your Friday evening. Go have fun. That’s an order.

“Your Rallies Are Beginning to Look Like Lynch Mobs”

An author and former campaigner for John McCain says in the Baltimore Sun what actually does need to be said, out loud, in public: John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barack Obama with terrorism,… Read More

Input on “Possibly Related Posts”

This particular install of WordPress has a feature called “Possibly Related Posts,” in which at the end of a post I make, an automatically-generated list of presumably-related news and blog posts appears just before the comments queue. I’m… Read More

Meanwhile in Connecticut

The Connecticut Supreme Court grants same-sex marriage rights. Good for them. It’s a nice kick in the head to the hateful folks currently trying to destroy marriages in California with Proposition 8, who unfortunately at the moment seem… Read More

How You Know Just How Bad the Economy’s Gotten

For the first time anyone can remember, a Michigan Mega Millions lottery winner has voluntarily chosen the “annuity” option, rather than taking the lump sum and hoping to make a killing off of it through investments. It’s madness… Read More

Post-Switch Stuff

So here we are, in Whatever’s shiny new digs. Some of you will have noticed a few minor differences; let me go over them and some other things. 1. As noted before, Whatever is now being hosted via… Read More

Hey, You Can Comment Again

Yes, The Switch has happened. It should be largely unnoticable, give or take a broken link or two, which we’ll deal with when we find them. I’ll have more to say about it later. But in the meantime:… Read More