Testing a New Feature

WordPress has just integrated the ability to make polls into its backend, so I thought I might test it out now: So? Like it? Hate it? Want a pony instead? (Note: No ponies are to be dispensed) Update:… Read More

Canadian Invasion Alert

For those of you who live in Canada: 1. Congratulations on surviving your own national elections; 2. I’ll be appearing on CBC radio’s The Point show tomorrow around noon or so. Talking about — wait for it —… Read More

My Hamstring! My Calf! My Spleen!

Dear Republican Party: You’re aware that to the rest of us, your transparently insincere whining about voter fraud every time you’re about to get your ass handed to you in an election makes you look like that second… Read More

Oh I SO VERY MUCH Want to See This

My friend Chad Orzel recently undertook a charity drive on his site, with the proceeds going to educational charity DonorsChoose. His goal is $6,000. I pimped it, as I do, and made the crack that Chad “would dance… Read More