Archives Imported

With the invaluable assistance of Ryan Boren and the folks at WordPress, I am tickled pink to be able to announce that the full archives of my Whatever Movable Type install, going back to March, 2002, have now… Read More

When Quoting

This has come up a couple of times in the last couple of days, so a quick comment on quoting articles, etc in comments: Generally speaking, it’s not kosher to cut and paste an entire article from somewhere… Read More

Ghlaghghee Tires of the Fame

As you can see, Ghlaghghee is less than entirely impressed that she was within the hour the subject of discussion on nationwide radio (that nation being Canada). It’s all become so tiresome to her. Yes, she is famous,… Read More

Final (Thank God) Debate Comment Thread

Presidential historians like to note that people who listened to the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate on the radio thought Nixon had won it, but the rest of America, who saw it on TV, took a look at the… Read More

Pick Your Favorite SF B-Movie

I’m doing an audience participation post over at AMC today, asking people to nominate their favorite science fiction B-movies for inclusion into an upcoming “Science Fiction B-Movie Hall of Fame.” I also explain why B-movies are so much… Read More