Daily Archives: October 17, 2008

The By Now Standard E-Mail Note

I’ve finally gone through and responded to all the e-mail I apparently missed in the last two weeks. So, if you sent me an e-mail in the last two weeks (or even before then) and was hoping for a response but didn’t get one, now would be an excellent time to send me another e-mail on the same subject. Thanks.

Your Weekend Goodie: Free Metatropolis Story

Next Tuesday will mark the official release of Metatropolis, the audio book anthology featuring stories written by Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, Karl Schroeder and yours truly. I know you’re probably just counting the seconds until the release, so to tide you over, the excellent folks at Audible.com have decided to offer up the opening story free for your listening pleasure: Jay Lake’s “In the Forests of the Night.” This is (he said, with absolutely no bias whatsoever) a really excellent story, and its excellent is made into awesomeness by the fact it’s read by Michael Hogan (aka Colonel Tigh on Battlestar Galactica). Check it out and know that the rest of the anthology is just as good.

Other little Metatropolis goodies for you to amuse yourself with can be found at this special promotional page, which, in addition to featuring audio samples of each story, also includes a conversation with me and Toby Buckell about the whole project, and how writing for audio is different than writing for the page. Cool stuff. Go there. You’re welcome.

Those Damn Activist Judges, At It Again

Surely the fix is in!

The Supreme Court is siding with Ohio’s top elections official in a dispute with the state Republican Party over voter registrations.

The Supreme Court, as we all know, densely packed with Democrats.

The ruling itself, via TalkingPointsMemo.

And just for extra added fun: Former US Attorney calls current ACORN bruhaha “a scare tactic.” Also from TPM, because us Webb Class of ’87 folks gotta stick together.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Politely.

Chad Orzel Monkey Dance Update, 10/17

Since we’ve gotten involved in Chad Orzel’s charity drive for DonorsChoose, which helps fund educational projects for needy kids, the amount of money raised has gone from $1,700 to just under $4,200. $2,500 raised is not bad for just under two days work. So thank you.

But that means we’re still $1,800 short of the ultimate goal of $6,000 — and the unspeakable pleasure of watching Chad dance like a monkey, as he has promised to do — as well as record it and post it online — if his goal is reached. Folks, if we can help pour in $2.5k in two days, surely the paltry sum remaining is doable. Even just a couple of dollars will get us closer to the singular thrill of watching a professional scientist ape (ha!) his lesser primate brethren’s rhythmic movements. And if that’s not entertainment, I don’t want to know what entertainment is.

Also, thanks to the particular charity in question, you’ll be helping kids learn about science by funding materials for their school projects. And remember the kid you help learn about science today could become the doctor who saves your sick ass 25 years from now, or the physicist who finally gives up tabletop fusion fueled by kitchen scraps, or the engineer who makes you an even cooler iPhone. Think of it as an investment in your future.

So here’s the link to Chad’s charity page. Look through the proposed science projects and help fund the ones you like. The contribution will accrue to Chad’s credit, and we will all come closer to that glorious day of Monkey Dancination.

And now, to tide you over until that great day: More monkey dancing!

We can assume that Chad’s dance will be both longer, and somewhat more, er, mobile. Here’s Chad’s own latest update on the fund drive, incidentally.