Someone With More Grace Than I Have

But then, I would not be in a position to need this sort of grace.

All Hail the Mediocre Walloons

Most of you, I suspect, are well aware of my utter disinterest in anything relating to professional sports, so it may amuse you to know I am part of a fantasy football league, which I joined last season… Read More

First Review of Metatropolis

Which comes from SFFaudio, appropriately enough, and it’s a good one: … this is a thought-provoking, exciting group of stories that deserves high praise. An SFFaudio Essential! Well, shucks. It’s nice to start off on a good foot.

Metatropolis is Out!

And just in case you needed them: Some reasons why the Metatropolis, the audiobook anthology I edited and which is out today, totally rocks and you should all rush out and get it right now. 1. Because it’s… Read More