Metatropolis Review at Tor.com + Metatropolis Site

Notable SF editor and writer John Joseph Adams takes a listen to Metatropolis and says some very nice things about it at Tor.com: METAtropolis is one of the best anthologies I’ve read in a long time. The worldbuilding… Read More

Putting LosCon on Your Radar

Just a reminder to various and sundry that I am going to be the Guest of Honor at this year’s LosCon, the Los Angeles regional science fiction convention, which takes place November 28 – 30, which is the… Read More

Metatropolis Interview

I’m interviewed over at SciFi.com on the subject of Metatropolis, and talk a little about how it all came together and how today’s reality influenced the fiction the five of us put together. It’ll be the best interview… Read More

The Big Idea: Phil Plait

The End of the World As We Know It: It’s coming! With big sharp nasty teeth! It’ll do you a treat, mate! Well yes, you say, but which end of the world? Because there are so many on… Read More

They’re Not Mad, Just Misunderstood. Also, Mad

Over at AMC, I’m interviewing a mad scientist, who is outraged — outraged — by the insensitive portrayals of his ilk in film. It makes him so mad, he might have to unleash his laser-equipped robot hordes! And,… Read More