The Very Definition of “All Hat, No Cattle”

It’s here: I could explain why it was I was wearing such a hat, but, honestly, now, would the truth actually be more interesting than the various reasons you might imagine? I say no. Suffice to say, it’s… Read More

Athena Trying Very Hard Not to Be Impressed By Niagara Falls

“Hey, I spilled some water from a great height just yesterday! Why should this impress me?” It was actually the first time I’d been to the falls as well. Personally, I thought they were fairly impressive. Also, am… Read More

Agent to the Stars Out in Trade Paperback

For everyone who’s been wanting a physical copy of Agent to the Stars, but isn’t willing to pay the between $300 and $1,000 that the limited edition hardcover’s been going for online, here’s some good news: The trade… Read More

The Big Idea: T.A. Pratt

Here’s a small and possibly irrelevant piece of personal trivia about Dead Reign, the third book by T.A. Pratt featuring sorcerer and all around badass Marla Mason: One of my best friends from Ben Lomond Elementary School in… Read More