Today’s Terrifying Idea Involving Me That I Didn’t Come Up With

It awaits you here. Before you ask, the answer is “no.” Seriously, no. Stop asking.

And Now, A Discussion of Constitutional Import

Today’s discussions on state constitutional amendments reminds me that one of the things that frustrates me is that so many state constitutions — i.e., so many foundational documents of state legal systems — are so easily amended. One… Read More

Something Worth Noting, Re: People Who Vote For Prop 8

In the comment thread to the previous post, I said the following: Bear in mind that while I think Prop 8 is hateful, bigoted and wrong, I believe that lots of people who don’t see themselves as hateful… Read More

What? Prop 8 Threatens Existing Marriages? You Don’t Say

The Los Angeles Times catches up with a something I’ve been noting, like, oh, forever: That if California’s Proposition 8 passes, the thousands of already-married same sex couples will find their marriages thrown into legal limbo, because Prop… Read More

Me in Other Places

Because I know you love following links to other places online where I’m talking about stuff, here’s two, from yesterday: * Over at SF Signal, I am one of many responding to the question “Is Science Fiction Responsible… Read More

Vote! For, Uh, B-Movies

A couple of weeks ago on the AMC site, I asked people to nominate some of their favorite science fiction b-movies for an SF B-Movie Hall of Fame. I got over 100 comments, and from those comments I’ve… Read More