Two Photos of Interest from LosCon

Both once again courtesy of Tom Suter: Look! It’s Bacon Cat! In anthropomorphic form! You can’t see it well here, but this young lady’s nametag actually says “Fluffy.” I was deepy amused. And here is Wil Wheaton and… Read More

In Case You Were Wondering if That In-N-Out Caddy Thing is Real

I mentioned that LosCon was committed to providing me In-N-Out Double-Doubles on demand, and look! Here’s the nerve center of the “Feed John Scalzi Tasty Burgers” effort. And look! There’s me with a Double-Double! It works! Bwa ha… Read More

Off to Work

LosCon is about to start, so now posting will be even more sporadic than it was earlier this week. But, you know. You could always come here and catch the live show.

The Obligatory Black Friday Commerce Message, or A Reminder About Getting Signed Books

Remember, folks, a signed, personalized book from John Scalzi is just the thing to bring happiness to all the people on whom you wish to spend money this holiday season. I mean, they make me feel warm and… Read More


So, I casually mentioned yesterday that the hotel LosCon is at doesn’t stock Coke Zero. In response, the LosCon convention runners have presented me with three twelve packs and 4 20-ounce bottles. Because they rock. This is going… Read More

Give Toby Some Love (and Sales)

Toby Buckell, who was recently in the hospital for heart related problems, is now back in the hospital, this time for a pulmonary embolism. Which sucks. You know what would make him feel better? Besides not having a… Read More

A Well-Timed Class Exercise For Y’all

Because on Thanksgiving, I find it is useful to reflect on such things, you see: What are you thankful for, this year?

A Science Fictional Thanksgiving

Yes, even on Thanksgiving Day, I have a column up on AMC — and this one, appropriately enough, is about the things I’m thankful for when it comes to science fiction movies. And yes, Darth Vader is one… Read More

Netbooks and Google Docs

I’ve gotten a couple of questions in the last couple of days of how I’m liking my netbook and whether I am, as I suggested I would, using Google Docs as my primary word processing program. Rather than… Read More

In Which I Reveal a Terrifying Secret

I actually prefer the taste of Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke. Of course, I prefer Coke Zero to either, but at the moment I’m at a hotel which does not include that particular beverage among its offerings (at… Read More

The Horror, The Horror

Apparently a large chunk of LA’s power grid went down last night (because it rained), and the internet connectivity in my hotel is down. So I’m in the lobby of the hotel right across the street, sucking down… Read More


At the moment I am writing this, there are exactly 120,000 comments on Whatever. Quick! Be 120,001! Hurry!

The Big Idea: Kelsey Timmerman

And now, the second part of today’s “Big Idea” two-fer, and it’s somewhat special for me, because Kelsey Timmerman, the author, is a fellow citizen of Darke County, the small agricultural Ohio county in which I live. Yes,… Read More

The Big Idea: Christopher Barzak

Perspective is a hard thing to come by, even for a writer, whose job description, if one thinks about it for a minute, is all about perspective. And so when Christopher Barzak was almost randomly offered a chance… Read More

My LosCon Schedule

Just a reminder that it’s not too late for you to spend your Thanksgiving weekend with me at LosCon, Los Angeles’ foremost science fiction convention, at which I am guest of honor this year. Hey, I’m more exciting… Read More

And Just Where Have I Been All Day?

Well, here’s a two word hint for you: ANIMAL STYLE.

Away For Most of The Day

Try to find a way to carry on. I know it will be hard. But I believe in you.

Yearly on the Vigil I Will Feast My Neighbors, Strip My Sleeves and Say “These Wounds I Had on St. Yogurt’s Day”

By request, the Yogurt Wound: Fortunately, the wound is not on my pointing hand. I could have been out of commission for weeks.

Newly Added to My List of “Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t”

Here it is: “Cut myself on yogurt.” Yes, yogurt. Not the container, the actual yogurt. And not just cut myself. Made myself bleed. It takes a special kind of person to cut themselves on a thixotropic food product;… Read More

Status Stuff

A couple of things: * This is my now obligatory “I’ve caught with all my e-mail for the last couple of weeks so if you sent me something and wanted a response but didn’t get one, send it… Read More