14 thoughts on “Easier to Find Big Ideas

  1. Thank you! I used the Big Ideas as my shopping list the last time I hit the bookstore. This’ll make it easier for next time.

  2. I was *just* about to comment to the last Big Idea asking if you had an easy way to get to all of them! This is awesome! Thank you!

  3. Thanks, John!

    I’m just starting to get the ‘what do you want for Christmas’ questions. Now I can direct folks to The Big Idea!

  4. As someone who has asked for this before, thank you very much! It will really help me when I’m in the mood to buy a new book.

  5. You take such good care of us, John.

    Now, could you please send the list to my local library so they’ll know what books to order for me?

  6. John,

    Another in the list of reasons I like coming here.
    In the words of Henry Jones Sr. “I wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to remember”
    Now you wrote it down so I don’t have to remember which books I wanted to look into. Which helps keep my encroaching senile decay in check 8^)

  7. I keep thinking “Gotta send John my book to see if he’d be interested in my ‘big idea’.” But then I keep not digging enough to find the submission guidelines for the Big Idea feature, which I could have sworn I read in some easy-to-find place on Whatever but now can’t find anywhere. Help, please?

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