A Moment of Minor Humiliation, Coupled With a Request Regarding Books

As I’ve noted earlier, I’m fantastically disorganized, and that’s not been helpful in the particular case of sending out books to people I’ve promised them to. However, just the other day, my super-efficient and otherwise incredibly awesome wife… Read More

The Pulps and the Electronic World

PBS’ MediaShift Web site has an article called “Pulp Magazines Struggle to Survive in Wired World,” in which I am quoted rather extensively (indeed, I have my own section in the article) about science fiction print magazines, their… Read More

Quick Thoughts on the Obama Interview

You know, the one that ran on 60 Minutes last night. 1. The dude’s got seriously wacky ears. I mean, I knew before that they were large and stuck out from his head — you can’t miss that… Read More

Me Not Here Online

Want me in someplace not here? Today, you have two options: 1. There’s a brief interview with me at Barnes & Noble’s Book Club area, discussing Agent to the Stars. Go here and scroll down to the ninth… Read More

Today’s Not Particularly Deep Thought, 11/17/08

I know it won’t last, but for the moment, it’s nice to be paying $1.89 a gallon for gas.