Yearly on the Vigil I Will Feast My Neighbors, Strip My Sleeves and Say “These Wounds I Had on St. Yogurt’s Day”

By request, the Yogurt Wound: Fortunately, the wound is not on my pointing hand. I could have been out of commission for weeks.

Newly Added to My List of “Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t”

Here it is: “Cut myself on yogurt.” Yes, yogurt. Not the container, the actual yogurt. And not just cut myself. Made myself bleed. It takes a special kind of person to cut themselves on a thixotropic food product;… Read More

Status Stuff

A couple of things: * This is my now obligatory “I’ve caught with all my e-mail for the last couple of weeks so if you sent me something and wanted a response but didn’t get one, send it… Read More

A Public Service Announcement: I Go Other Places Online. Don’t Be Alarmed

As advance warning, this entry might be douchebaggishly egotistical, but, well. You should be used to that by now. Take as given, if you will, that I am a person with a certain level of notability online, both… Read More