A Public Service Announcement: I Go Other Places Online. Don’t Be Alarmed

As advance warning, this entry might be douchebaggishly egotistical, but, well. You should be used to that by now. Take as given, if you will, that I am a person with a certain level of notability online, both… Read More

Hey Everybody, I’m Blogging From Red Lobster!

I’m still in the “I’m feeling silly about my netbook” phase of the relationship, clearly. On the other hand, the wifi connection I’m using at the moment is from a hotel across the highway. Which is a pretty… Read More

Reinvoking the Law

For various reasons, I think now is a fine time to reacquaint people to The Law of Internet Invocation. It really does work this way, people.

I’m Doing My Part to Stimulate the Economy

Meet the new toy: It’s an Acer Aspire One netbook computer, which as you can see by the Coke Zero can set there for scale, is actually quite the tiny tiny little thing. I’ve decided that my other… Read More

Technology Changes, People Not So Much

At the risk of sounding condescending, I found the conversation here about my AMC column this week sort of endearing. In the column, you might recall, I said that despite all the ginchy near-science fictional technology we have… Read More

Been So Low

To give some perspective on where the markets are at the moment, the last time the Dow Jones Industrial Index S&P 500 was at this level, Athena was a gamete (two, actually). I clicked over late in the… Read More

Sweet Home Chicago

The New York Times has a nice piece on Chicago today, talking about what the election means to the town (being that Barack Obama is a hometown boy), and how his being from there puts the city in… Read More

Whack Whack Whack

The Economist takes a plank to the Republican Party, in effect calling it the party of, and for, stupid people. And me without a fresh-baked Schadenfreude Pie. Sigh. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I don’t think… Read More

Feeling Science Fictional

Over at AMC, I’m asked if I ever pause to reflect on the fact that modern life, in many ways, is like a science fiction movie. Well, now that you mention it, he said, pausing for a second… Read More

Man, If Blowing the Heads Off of Zombies With a Scoped Rifle is Wrong, I Don’t Ever Want to Be Right

Seriously, man. I’m doing them a favor. They’re zombies, after all. It’s not like they have rich internal lives. The time for book clubs and PBS has passed for them, you know? And anyway, there’s something oddly soothing… Read More

Why You Totally Want to Come to Loscon Next Week

So you can catch the live show of this: Me, to Wil Wheaton, via IM: Confirming: We’re going to see you next week at Loscon? Wil Wheaton: I haven’t been able to get anyone on the horn in… Read More

The Big Idea: Dave Freer

There are a lot of stars out there in space — and as we’re constantly discovering, lots of planets around those stars. But how many of those planets are “earth-like”: that is, good for us? And what will… Read More

Been a While Since I Put in a Sunset, So:

There you go. Enjoy.

World Wide Wheaton; Book View Cafe

Two bits of interest for the science fiction geek crowd: * Wil Wheaton’s got himself a new gig as a columnist at LA Weekly, and that doesn’t suck. He’s writing, as far as I can tell, about basically… Read More

Think Good Thoughts for Toby Buckell

He could use them right about now. Thanks.

Silly Thought

I’m warning you ahead of time the following is not a deep thought: I do get occasionally amused at being a poster child for Science Fiction’s Digital Future when I live in a rural town of 1,800 people… Read More

A Moment of Minor Humiliation, Coupled With a Request Regarding Books

As I’ve noted earlier, I’m fantastically disorganized, and that’s not been helpful in the particular case of sending out books to people I’ve promised them to. However, just the other day, my super-efficient and otherwise incredibly awesome wife… Read More

The Pulps and the Electronic World

PBS’ MediaShift Web site has an article called “Pulp Magazines Struggle to Survive in Wired World,” in which I am quoted rather extensively (indeed, I have my own section in the article) about science fiction print magazines, their… Read More

Quick Thoughts on the Obama Interview

You know, the one that ran on 60 Minutes last night. 1. The dude’s got seriously wacky ears. I mean, I knew before that they were large and stuck out from his head — you can’t miss that… Read More

Me Not Here Online

Want me in someplace not here? Today, you have two options: 1. There’s a brief interview with me at Barnes & Noble’s Book Club area, discussing Agent to the Stars. Go here and scroll down to the ninth… Read More