Today’s Interesting Conversational Snippet, Presented Largely Context-Free

Me: Are we ready for the zombie apocalypse? Athena: We definitely need more guns.

What I Did This Afternoon

I signed these: Which made me quite happy. Thanks to everyone who is ordering books through Jay & Mary’s this holiday season; it’s nice to be able to help out a local bookstore. It’s also nice to get… Read More

Guess the Exit Numbers

The LA Times notes that George Bush is getting a bit of a lame duck bump these days — his approval rating at the moment is 28%, up from a low of 24% — and suggests that our… Read More

Don’t Worry, It’s Not You

One semi-amusing thing that happens whenever I kvetch generally about things people are doing out there that annoy me in one way or another (example: here) is that afterward I will get a batch of e-mail from various… Read More