Songs You Like That You’re Pretty Sure No One Else Does

Here’s mine: First the good news: It’s David Bowie. Now, the bad news: It’s David Bowie in Tin Machine, the inexplicable late 80s “Bowie’s in a band with session musicians, which is kind of like him being in… Read More


Thanks to accidentally overwriting an .htaccess script, I’ve introduced some errors to your viewing pleasure if you’re following old links (i.e., ones at “scalzi.com/whatever” rather than “whatever.scalzi.com”). I’m working to fix it now. Sorry. Update: Fixed. Thanks to… Read More

Today’s Political/Chemical Question

What is in the water in Springfield, Illinois that causes its governors to get arrested and/or indicted on corruption charges? Honestly, Illinois, what the hell? Fund, like, Brita filters for the state capitol water fountains. Or something. This… Read More

A Holiday Tradition Here at Whatever

Because it’s that time of year again, let’s link back to my 2002 seasonal humor piece, “The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time.” Those of you who have read it before will enjoy it just like… Read More