The Big Idea: Jim C. Hines

And here we are, with the first Big Idea piece of 2009. And who better to start us off than Jim C. Hines, who having already rehabbed cowardly green fantasy creatures in his Goblin trilogy, now turns his… Read More

January Whateveresque

Today’s the day to register for Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum for the month of January: Registration is open until 10pm or so. Remember that you’ll be approved faster if I don’t think you’re a spambot; here’s how… Read More

Today’s Deep Thought

If you ever want to be reminded that sometimes in life it’s better to take things slow and easy, and maybe not be in such an all-fired rush, I suggest driving on icy black rural backroads with a… Read More

On Link Requests: Here’s a Thread

While I was on my two week semi-hiatus, I got what I figure is a metric butt-load of requests for links to various things. Seriously, tons. Rather than try to pluck them out of the my 2008 mail… Read More