Yeah, Like There Will Be Anything Else Going on in San Francisco on a Friday Night

Citizens of San Francisco and the greater “Bay Area”! A reminder to you that in precisely one week, I and the lovely and talented Mary Robinette Kowal will descend upon your town, as if from a cloud of… Read More

The Printed Metatropolis

It’s been a busy day for updates about Metatropolis, and here’s the biggest update of all, which is also one of my big January announcements: I’m pleased to announce that Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders for the printed,… Read More

Shame On Me

While I was on my two week semi-hiatus, I got a phone call that went like this: Me (picking up the phone): Hello. Some random dude: You should be ashamed of yourself. Me: Well, okay. (Dude hangs up)… Read More

Metatropolis Reviews; Award Pimp Addendum

Two new reviews of Metatropolis in the last week. The first, over at Green Man Review, is ecstatic (“METAtropolis will win a Hugo if there’s any justice in the universe. Yes, it’s that good”); the second, at Strange… Read More

Since at Least One Person Has Asked

The reason I’m not writing much about politics at the moment is mostly because I’ve decided I’m on a politics vacation until the first of two following things occurs: 1. I finish the novella I’m working on; 2…. Read More