15 thoughts on “Because It’s Been a While Since There’s Been a Sunset Picture Here

  1. That bottom one looks just like the sunsets I see here all the time. However, instead of Athena (at least I think that’s Athena), just put in my neighbor’s house.

    Sadly, I’ve got to drive a bunch of miles to get sunset shots even close to these. So, thank you for saving me from having to do that, Scalzi.

  2. The sunsets photos are lovely and your website was a happy accident for me today. We don’t have many sunsets up here in the frozen crag of foggy cold Newfoundland. It’s such a deficit that I’ve been driven to find them online. If it’s okay with you may I link to your site on my blog?

  3. Thank you for my lovely new wallpaper.

    I frequently change wallpaper here at work, it confuses the daylights out of the rest of the minions in the office…

    It was raining here in Atlanta today, so we didn’t get to see a sunset, nor will we get to see the full moon on it’s closest approach in 2009.

  4. …so, just read _old man’s war_ for the first time (i’m slow, sorry)…

    (possible spoiler) was it really all just an excuse for a shaggy dog story? (when the bird-legged alien fell over, i started humming, “it’s a long way to tip-a-Rarey!”)

    worried i hallucinated that joke.

  5. Wow, I feel like I hallucinated that last comment. Did I just slip into a Buñuel film?

    I feel like I haven’t seen a beautiful sunset since I moved to New York in August of 2001. Great timing, I know.

    Whenever I see Flickr photos of sunsets, I think of the person at the NY Photo Festival last year that displayed thousands of photographs of sunsets she yanked off Flickr. I wonder if your photos were in the mix?

  6. I did not know about your photographs, I especially like the one on the bottom. Outstanding.

    Trey (who was a photographer in a previous life)

  7. Darnit, that was supposed to be a preview.

    In any case, I’d be happy to use ‘em for wallpapers, but you’ve got them blocked from download, at least all the ones I tried.

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