Open Letter to the Scraggly-Bearded Dude in the Concert Tee Who Stood in Front of Me in the Line for the Airplane Yesterday

Dude: Reeking of skunkweed and hasty lavatory wiping is no way to go through life. I’m just saying. I pity the poor bastard who had to sit next to you for three and a half hours. It must… Read More

Holy Crap, Frederik Pohl Has a Blog

You go there now. That’s an order. And if you don’t know who Frederik Pohl is, please launch yourself into a wood chipper. That is all.

Part of the Family

An interesting article in the New York Times about the diversity of the families to which the First Family belongs: The family that produced Barack and Michelle Obama is black and white and Asian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish…. Read More

Quick Pop-in

More coming later in the day when I have some real work done, but first: Notes! * First, hey, I made it home. And it’s good to be here. For three days, after which I travel again. Sigh…. Read More