Screwy Server

The backend of Whatever is running a bit slow at the moment, so you may experience some difficulties/lag in posting comments. Don’t panic. Technology is nutty sometimes. Hopefully this will all sort itself out soon. As you were.

10 Comments on “Screwy Server

  1. Be sure that the front end slows down. You don’t want computer stretch!

  2. Gina, it means that Scalzi is dragging ass this morning.

    He’s a notorious slacker, so this isn’t exactly surprising…

  3. Well you could take a laxative, or if those give you cramps a stool softener might help…

    Oh wait… it’s your site’s backend, not yours. Carry on then.


  4. They’re changing the ball bearings.

    Bet you didn’t know that. Modern Internet servers all use ball bearings to speed up traffic.

    That and laxatives for the back end servers.