These Are the Fast Times

I’ve spent the last month or so pretty much obsessively listening to Fast Times at Barrington High by The Academy Is… and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s my favorite album of the last year or so. Not… Read More

Oh, Great

We ran out of cat food last night, so this morning, for the first time ever, my wife fed the cats tuna, which as we all know is the feline equivalent of crack cocaine. So now that cats… Read More

My Inner Fifth Grader Says This is the Best NYT Article Ever

An article on easily misinterpreted place names in the UK: In the scale of embarrassing place names, Crapstone ranks pretty high. But Britain is full of them. Some are mostly amusing, like Ugley, Essex; East Breast, in western… Read More

Damn It

I wrote up a long piece on the Oscar nominations and the WordPress tool ate it. Yes, I saved it. No, it didn’t help. I think I’ll go kill some zombies now.

Book Notes; Big Idea & Book Haul Information

Various notes relating to things of a book-like nature: 1. Sent from my agent yesterday: The German version of The Android’s Dream, and the Russian version of The Last Colony. I’m particularly pleased by the Russian cover art,… Read More

More on Science Fiction That’s Not

Just for kicks and giggles, over at the AMC column, I’m taking another swing at when a movie is a science fiction film and when it is not: Why, for example, Moonraker is a science fiction film, but… Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen: Science Fiction Comedy Improv!

As many of you know, last Friday Mary Robinette Kowal and I did a reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, in which we read a number of our short pieces, mostly humorous, and generally had a pretty… Read More

Open Letter to the Scraggly-Bearded Dude in the Concert Tee Who Stood in Front of Me in the Line for the Airplane Yesterday

Dude: Reeking of skunkweed and hasty lavatory wiping is no way to go through life. I’m just saying. I pity the poor bastard who had to sit next to you for three and a half hours. It must… Read More

Holy Crap, Frederik Pohl Has a Blog

You go there now. That’s an order. And if you don’t know who Frederik Pohl is, please launch yourself into a wood chipper. That is all.

Part of the Family

An interesting article in the New York Times about the diversity of the families to which the First Family belongs: The family that produced Barack and Michelle Obama is black and white and Asian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish…. Read More

Quick Pop-in

More coming later in the day when I have some real work done, but first: Notes! * First, hey, I made it home. And it’s good to be here. For three days, after which I travel again. Sigh…. Read More

New Day

Two things of great importance to me happen today: 1. We get a new President. 2. I get to go home and see and my family. I understand that one of these might be of less importance to… Read More

A Quick Note to the Outgoing President

Dear Mr. Bush: You now have just 24 hours left in your presidency. Please don’t consider it your last chance to bomb Iran. KThnxBye, John Scalzi


Look! My very first concert cell phone picture! Now I’m as cool as a high school sophomore! That’s Jonathan Coulton, by the way. He was excellent. And I got a fudge cake thrown to me by Paul and… Read More

SF at Night

I went up to Twin Peaks last night and thought I’d get a shot of the city. Look! San Francisco! It’s you! And I totally caught you blinking. Sorry about that.

From the Live Show

Wanted to come to the Scalzi/Kowal event last night at Borderlands Books but were kept away by rampaging toads? Or whatever? Well, here’s a portion of the evening, from Pip Lagenta, who was there (I mean, obviously). It’s… Read More

Hey Everyone

Wish my mother a happy birthday. Because she’s awesome, you see.

An Evening at Borderlands

Holy crap, what a great time Mary and I had at Borderlands Books tonight. The placed was packed, and I mean packed — they had to wheel out some of the bookselves to fit in all the people… Read More

The Big Idea: Charlie Huston

Hey kids! I’m stuck in meetings all day long (seriously, from about 8:30 to 6), but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t be having fun. And to help you have fun, here’s neo-noir master Charlie Huston to entertain… Read More

Room With a View; Reading Reminder & Request

First, the view out my hotel window: It doesn’t suck. Second, yet another reminder to folks that the fantabulous Mary Robinette Kowal and I will be at Borderlands Books tomorrow at 7pm for an evening we’re calling “John… Read More