Where I’m At

The view from my chair: You can tell it’s a swanky hotel because the plants aren’t plastic (yes, I just checked). I’ve actually stayed here before, although the last time was back in the early 90s, for a… Read More

The Nebula Awards: Less Logrolling, More Relevance

This will be of interest only to hardcore SF geeks, but that’s me, so: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have revised the rules for their Nebula Awards, and I have to say I approve…. Read More

When SF TV Series Become Movies, And Fail

Thursday is AMC SF movie column day, and this week I’m looking at science fiction TV series which — unlike Star Trek, above — tried to make the transition to film and did a nice fat faceplant instead…. Read More

More on the Creative Consultant Thing

Joe Mallozzi of Stargate has updated his blog with more information about me joining the Stargate: Universe production as Creative Consultant, what the gig is all about, and what we had for dinner last night, including his most… Read More

He Will Be Buried in Rich Corinthian Leather

KHAAAAAAAAAAAN! Rest in Peace, Ricardo Montalban.

One of My Big Announcements for January

First, to everyone who looked at the picture in the last entry and said to yourself, “why, John Scalzi is in Vancouver, Canada, of course,” give yourself a pony. A pretty pony. Indeed that’s where I am at… Read More

Where is John Scalzi?

Perhaps this picture out my hotel window will give you a clue: Anyone? Anyone? I’m having as pretty good day, thanks for asking. I’ll tell you more about it soon. But now I’m off to dinner.

Travel Day Audience Participation Question, 1/13/09

I travel all morning and when I land I go straight into meetings. Seems likely I’ll post here again today late if I post at all. To keep yourselves amused in my absence, a question: Name a movie… Read More

Announcements, 1/12/09

Hey, you like announcements. 1. Posting may be light through the 26th or so, because I am doing what is technically called “a metric buttload” of travel, basically traveling the width and breadth of this great continent of… Read More

Viable Paradise 2009

Last year I taught at Viable Paradise, the one-week speculative fiction writing workshop in scenic Martha’s Vineyard, and I had such a good time that I thought a second helping would be groovy. And even better, the folks… Read More

Like Being Big in Japan, Only More Teutonic

Hey, look what’s the #1 science fiction novel at Amazon Germany right this very second: That would be the German version of The Android’s Dream, in case you were wondering. Which makes me sehr glücklich (that’s “very happy”),… Read More

Winter Cats

Or, when cats pose for their folk album cover.

This is Your Brain on Cities

The Boston Globe looks at how cities hurt your brain. I would not be entirely surprised to discover that the Internet enervates the brain in very much the same ways, which may explain why I’ve taken to yanking… Read More

Because It’s Been a While Since There’s Been a Sunset Picture Here

Here you go. It’s from yesterday. But it’s still good. Also, since people sometimes ask if they can see larger versions of sunsets, I’ll note I have a Flickr set of some of the sunsets here. Includes my… Read More

Yeah, Like There Will Be Anything Else Going on in San Francisco on a Friday Night

Citizens of San Francisco and the greater “Bay Area”! A reminder to you that in precisely one week, I and the lovely and talented Mary Robinette Kowal will descend upon your town, as if from a cloud of… Read More

The Printed Metatropolis

It’s been a busy day for updates about Metatropolis, and here’s the biggest update of all, which is also one of my big January announcements: I’m pleased to announce that Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders for the printed,… Read More

Shame On Me

While I was on my two week semi-hiatus, I got a phone call that went like this: Me (picking up the phone): Hello. Some random dude: You should be ashamed of yourself. Me: Well, okay. (Dude hangs up)… Read More

Metatropolis Reviews; Award Pimp Addendum

Two new reviews of Metatropolis in the last week. The first, over at Green Man Review, is ecstatic (“METAtropolis will win a Hugo if there’s any justice in the universe. Yes, it’s that good”); the second, at Strange… Read More

Since at Least One Person Has Asked

The reason I’m not writing much about politics at the moment is mostly because I’ve decided I’m on a politics vacation until the first of two following things occurs: 1. I finish the novella I’m working on; 2…. Read More

Because You Need to Know

And before you ask, yes, I’ve seen this.