Recommended by Locus

This is nice: Locus magazine has released its “Recommended Reading List” for 2008, and I’m on it twice: First for Zoe’s Tale, in the Young Adult Books category, and then again for “After the Coup” in the short… Read More

Amusing Yourself Completely (and Legally) for $100 a Month

Currently, I pay a stupid amount of money every month to amuse myself and my family. We pay for music, movies, television and books, DVDs and video games and so on and so forth. The economy, such as… Read More

Heads Up on The Forever War

I’ll make mention of this again in a couple of weeks, on the actual release date, but I wanted to put it on your radar now: There’s a new edition of The Forever War coming out on the… Read More

More Proof the President is the Alpha Geek of the World

The new symbol of Washington insider-dom is whether or not you have Barack Obama’s private e-mail address. For the record: I don’t have it, drat the luck. But I don’t know that I’d really want it; the first… Read More