Home Is Where I Want to Be

But I guess I’m already there. I mean, I’m typing this in my office and all. Which is to say my travel karma did not kick my ass this time. Go me.

The good news is that now I don’t have to go anywhere for a month (at which point I go here). There’s a distinct possibility I might not even leave my house over the next four weeks. Yay! I’m a shut in!

And that’s all I got for you right now. Hope you’re doing well.

12 thoughts on “Home Is Where I Want to Be

  1. Did you intend “go here” to be a link?

    Enjoy your shut-inhood. I think now is an excellent time to get your daughter used to the idea of running errands for you at all hours of the day.

  2. That sounds like heaven. I could totally get into not leaving my house for four weeks. Oh well I’ll settle for a rainy Sunday.

  3. Doing well? Hmm.. I’m sick as a dog who is sick as a human who is sick as a dog.

    It’s a vicious circle, but it seems to be cured by steak.

    Other than that, glad you’re home, glad you’re safe, glad to hear the gods of air-travel were smiling on you, and I hope you don’t forget how to drive or walk a month from now after being a shut in.

    Maybe you should sign up for some Meals on Wheels?

  4. I’m headed to DC next week. I hope the travel karma for that area continues to flow through the space-time continuum.

  5. And when you do travel a month from now, it’s only to the northern ‘burbs of Cincinnati, which shouldn’t be more than a 90-minute drive from Bradford. No TSA, no airline cancellations!

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