Home Is Where I Want to Be

But I guess I’m already there. I mean, I’m typing this in my office and all. Which is to say my travel karma did not kick my ass this time. Go me. The good news is that now… Read More

That Was Fun

The reason I was in DC this weekend was that I was officiating the wedding of my friends Emily Weise and Michael King (now each taking the name of Weise-King), and I have to say it was a… Read More

Hugo Reminders

Hey there, folks — I’ve been asked to remind all you potential Hugo nominators (that would be those people who attended last year’s Worldcon, Denvention 3, and/or have registered for this year’s Worldcon, Anticipation) that there’s just a… Read More

Something to Look Forward To

Because I know you’re always looking for reasons not to throw yourself off a bridge, consider this as something to get you through the weekend: Next week, I’ll be posting not one, not two, but three Big Idea… Read More


First, the popular and obligatory picture from the hotel window: I can see the Washington Monument from my window, but right now the sun’s glare is keeping me from getting a good shot of it, so you’re all… Read More


Finally in my hotel room, roughly eight hours after I was supposed to be here. Travel sucks. But it’s nice to be back in DC. Now I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

My Astonishingly Bad Travel Karma Continues Unabated

I get to the airport and discover a) the airline self-serve kiosks are down, and b) my flight is cancelled. The first of these caused me to stand in line for an interminable period of time just to… Read More

More Travel

Lopsided Cat thinks he will bar me from leaving the house by cleverly sitting on my carry-on! Foolish cat! As large as you are, I still have impressive lifting power! Which I will soon use to remove you… Read More

Long Odds to Cinematic Glory

What are the chances that your favorite work of literary science fiction will make it to the silver screen? As I explain in today’s AMC column: Pretty darn slim. Sorry. I’m bummed about it too. Take a look… Read More

Korean OMW Covers

Dude, I totally love this artwork. The first picture is the front cover, the second the back cover (NB: the edge of the front cover is clipped on the right because I’m a bad photographer). Seriously, this is… Read More

Repeating Myself For the Benefit of the Home Crowd

Over at Metafilter, they’re talking about media tie-in science fiction, bouncing off Vonda McIntyre’s blog post on the subject of writing Star Trek novels. The comments are fairly balanced between snarking on the people who read and write… Read More

Free and Largely Scientifically Accurate Science Fiction

Via the always-fantabulous Mary Robinette Kowal, I bring to your attention Diamonds in the Sky, a free-to-read, online anthology of (mostly) new science fiction, edited by Mike Brotherton. Brotherton, who is an astronomer as well as a science… Read More

Speaking of Introductions

I’m making something of a side gig doing introductions to new editions of classic works of science fiction, because I’ve signed on to write an introduction for The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition, a massively expanded new edition… Read More

The Forever War Out, Again

A quick reminder to folks: The newest edition of Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War hits the shelves today, and if the text of this classic science fiction tale wasn’t enough to entice you on its own (which it… Read More

Vincent Chong Art

Vincent Chong is the fellow who has done the artwork for the Subterranean Press limited editions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades, and as anyone who’s seen the work in those books can tell you, he’s… Read More

Justine Just Says “No”

“No” to requests for her to read other people’s unpublished work, that is. Lots of reasons, many of which boil down to “uh, can’t you see I’m busy?” Which is a totally valid reason. Reminds me to link… Read More

Le Chat au bacon

Meanwhile, in France, the newspaper Le Figaro (or one of its blogs, in any event) has discovered Bacon Cat, as our Gallic companions try to make sense of the online bacon obsession.

Oh Noes! He’s Talking Politics Again!

The creative centers of my brain are flipping me the bird at the moment, so I’ll fill up this empty time by spouting off about politics for a spell. You folks in the front rows, ready your tarps;… Read More

You’ve Got Layoffs!

My former AOL colleague Joe Loong has up something called “Preparing for Your Impending Layoff From AOL,” which as you might guess is about what to do when you’re laid off from that august institution, as I was… Read More

Comment Overflow for “10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing”

The comment thread for “10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing” is now well over 600 comments, and that page itself is taking a fair amount of time to load. So I’m closing the comments there to… Read More