Because Now I Feel I Owe It To Him After All That

Judas Priest with Ripper Owens:

Apropos to the Ripper Owens Post

Shorter Michael Steele: Why, yes, Mr. Limbaugh, it would be perfectly all right if you were to dine on my recently-removed testicles during your radio show, chortling like a mad hyena as you did so. That thing where… Read More

Unexpectedly Misty-Eyed

Via Chris Roberson: Like Chris, don’t know who did the actual art. But it sure gets it right.

The Ripper Owens Syndrome

Here’s my problem: Unlike a fair number of people of my general political description, I don’t buy into the trendy sound bite that Rush Limbaugh is the true leader of the Republican Party. The bad news, though, is… Read More

ZT on SF Site’s 2009 Reader’s Choice List

And, uh, the title says pretty much everything about that, doesn’t it? Here’s the complete list to see who else made the cut; it’s a good list. Zoe’s appearance means that to date, every one of the Old… Read More