9 thoughts on “Because Now I Feel I Owe It To Him After All That

  1. Hmm. How’s this any different than Arnel Pineda and Journey? Other than the fact (and this is heresy, I know) I think Arnel is actually a better singer than Steve Perry.

  2. Single best Rock Band performance I’ve ever seen. I love that they rented a whole stage for that.

  3. Ripper Owens does have a great metal voice – just not unique. And not enough stage presence.

    @Bonnie – Arnel Pineda might be a better singer, but factor in songwriting and Steve Perry wins every time.

  4. Ripper is a better singer than Halford. Rob sounds like he just barely holding on to the screech. But Ripper always sounds as if he has power to spare. I’m unable to get the link right, but look up Iced Earth”10000 Strong” on You Tube for a good non-Priest Ripper tune.

    Hopefully after 2 threads, I am done carrying the Ripper flag. Just don’t get me started on the Matt Barlow vs Ripper thing………

  5. I like the guy and all, and Ripper IS a great singer, just not in Priest.

    He’ll forever have earned my ire for ruining Diamonds and Rust for me. I’ve never seen the rock version live, because they’ve been doing an acoustic Baez-y version since his tenure, and still to this day since Halford came back. Makes me a little antsy, it does.

  6. I’m struck by how calm the musicians are in that video. I’ve seen the same look on people doing difficult lacework; there’s an intricate bit of work to be done, and skill being used to do it.

  7. I love that they rented a whole stage for that.

    Wasn’t it part of a pre-gig soundcheck during the ‘Demolition’ tour (thus not involving any additional hall hire)?

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