Maroons Vs Morons

Here’s a story to warm my heart: The odious members of the equally odious Westboro Baptist Church went to the University of Chicago (my alma mater), apparently to protest the existence of Barack Obama, and found themselves pwned… Read More

Your Thought For the Day

Sometimes just talking with a friend on the phone is the best thing in the world. That’s all.

The Big Idea: Carrie Ryan

You know, it’s not very often that the mere title of a book scares the crap out of me, but I have to tell you, The Forest of Hands and Teeth gives me the willies just looking at… Read More

After That, You’re Gonna Need a Cat

Here you go. I woke her up just so you could see something sweet and fluffy. She very much has the groggy “Do I hafta go to school?” look down here. I’ll pay for it later, but for… Read More

The Internets Hate Scalzi!

Yes, I Know: Lots of people on the Internets hate me today. You don’t have keep sending me concerned e-mails about it; my ego-surfing matrix keeps me informed, thanks. For those of you going “huh?” to this, this… Read More