Okay, One More

Since you asked.

There, I’m done.

Once again, illustrated by my friend Richard Polt.

8 Comments on “Okay, One More

  1. I had nightmares about the pillsbury doughboy as kid. Thanks for the trauma :)

  2. For the love of God people, stop asking!

  3. When I was a teenager I worked at a fast food restaurant. One night as we were cleaning up after closing I told the joke, “Why was Cinderella such a bad basketball player? Because her coach was a pumpkin.” In response to that joke three of my fellow employees picked me up carried me outside and threw me in the dumpster. I’m just say’n…

  4. Jonny@4

    Now that the gage is thrown:

    What weather condition is worse that raining cats ‘n dogs?

    Van Halen

  5. I havde a copy somewhere of a Victorian childrens tale, “the new mother” (tagline: the new mother is going to come get you kids if you don’t behave). The “nanny” in your cartoon looks like the new mother. The Victorians loved to scare their kids sh#tless, it was educational, oh yeah. Explains a lot.