45 thoughts on “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Out-Nerd This Man

  1. The thing that gets me is how terrified he looks the whole time. Clearly, he’s got music in his soul, but I doubt he’d survive a live gig.

  2. Back in my day, people made music by plucking or striking objects or strings which would then vibrate, not poking tiny electronic buttons with a stylus. This new young music makes my ears hurt. Turn down that racket! Also, get off my lawn.

  3. I fully intended to watch a few seconds of that and then figure I’d gotten the gist of it. Sir, I was mesmerized and watched every second.

    I am in awe!

  4. Their rendition of “Beat It” left me actually speechless. (Still not sure if it was speechless in a good or bad kind of way).

  5. I see the true reason for this posting!! Yet another use of the thrice accursed “The Final Countdown”!!

    Oh bane of my youth, will you never be put to a “Final” rest?!?!?!

    eh, probably not….

  6. And, 2 words I never thought to read here, so I guess I’ll have to do it for everyone: Eric. Carmen.

  7. People like Brett Domino are the stewards of our human whimsical nature. I’m glad they exist. This video shames me and my pragmatism.

  8. Standard trick in visual media: want someone to be a nerd, put them in a collared shirt and button it all the way up, no tie. This was the standard uniform for Forest Gump in the movie.

    Word on the street is that Daft Punk first started performing wearing motorcycle helmets not because it made them look like androids or something, but because they were shy and it let them “hide” from the audience. Sort of got a techno spin after that.

  9. Stop. Posting. Links.
    I am begining to enjoy them and I’m too old to forget them before I die.
    Just STOP.

  10. Reminds me of one of the impressions Andy Kaufman would do before he did Elvis. “S’ank you veddy motch.”.

  11. Someone needs to tell me how the hell he is doing that. I mean I know its a stylus, but still? What is that?

  12. I, scion of the Southland, survivor of Mother Tech: Eater of Her Young, Engineer, bow to the master.

    Jack Tingle

  13. “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Out-Nerd This Man”

    Nah, it’d be easy.

    Just do the same exact thing, with a Stylophone, but with a medley of music that is even nerdier than 80s pop.

    Barbershop quartet favorites, for instance.

  14. I quite enjoyed that. Yay.

    I’m minded of that bit in Snow Crash when Hiro meets Raven, and realises he will never be as much of a badass.

  15. While in grade school gym class, I performed a gymnastics routine set to “The Final Countdown” by Europe. That was pretty freakin nerdy.

  16. John: you don’t want any of us to out-nerd the gentleman, Brett Domino(?), in question. Think of the children! Or the audience!

    Propeller beanie: check.
    Pogo stick: check.
    Pocket protector: *blush* check.
    Gap-toothed appearance: check.
    All of the above while performing a suitable nerdish ditty at karaoke (currently torn between Tom Lehrer’s The Elements, the rap by Sushi K. of Snow Crash, or ITEOTWAWKI by R.E.M.): Don’t tempt me, mmm’kay?

  17. @cathshafferon

    “Back in my day, people made music by plucking or striking objects or strings which would then vibrate, not poking tiny electronic buttons with a stylus.”

    I hate to make you feel older than you are, but the Stylophone was invented in 1967 and was re-released (as a retro ‘instrument’) a few years ago (in the UK, at least).

    Truly a hypnotic video.

  18. (and I’ve only just clicked the link below the video, which says exactly that, and kinda makes me look stupid :)

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