11 thoughts on “Today’s Unsexy Reminder Post

  1. Speaking of unsexy, are we ever going to discover the purpse behind the posting of the picture with the feet.

    I am positively tingling to find out if I chose correctly.

  2. He’s talking about stuff in Hugo Voter Packets, and he’s pretending to not-talk sexy. Don’t believe his lies – he’s a writer, and will use his word-talking to mislead you!

  3. It occurs to me that that difference between Stargate and the other franchise is why I prefered only those ST series where they flogged the PD more often (so not Next Gen).

  4. I read Heinlein’s juveniles from a Midwestern middle school library — but I was already 20, and that was a long time ago.

    Garth Nix writes good books. Diane Duane’s may be getting dated even as she writes them. I’m not sure. The Jupiter series is only a few years old, and the ones I read were pretty good.

    My son may have been an oddity. When he was in 5th grade he demanded to see my summer reading stuff from when I was in 5th grade. 25% of our choices were identical. The other 75% represented generational and gender drift.


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