Anticipating Anticipation

Oh, and just to make it official: Yes, I will be at Anticipation this year. I think it should have been assumed by this point, since I said it would be, and also given I’m up for three… Read More

My Penguicon Schedule

What will I be doing while I am at Penguicon this weekend? I’m glad you asked! FRIDAY: No a damn thing, apparently. At least I can’t find anything I’m supposed to be on. Guess I’ll just hang about… Read More

Meanwhile, On LASER Twitter

Me: Everything is better with LASER in front of it: LASER pizza. LASER gerbil. LASER toothbrush. LASER sigmoidoscopy. Okay, maybe not that. ElectricPaladin: But everything is also better with KUNG FU. KUNG FU pizza. KUNG FU gerbil. KUNG… Read More

Those Germans and Their Laser Spaceships

Courtesy of a kind German reader, the cover art for the upcoming German edition of Agent to the Stars: And you ask: Is there, in fact, a laser-shooting spaceship in Agent to the Stars? And the answer is,… Read More

I Answer Mail

Over at the AMC column, I answer reader mail on whether women lusting after Hugh Jackman will affect the Wolverine box office, if I hate Georgle Lucas AND THINK HE SHOULD BE SHOT, and why years from now… Read More

Obama’s First 100 Days: A Complete and Utter Failure

Why? Well, I’ll tell you. 1. I’m continuing to go bald. 2. I haven’t lost any weight since January 20. 3. I AM STILL AGING. 4. In March, one of my cats (or more — conspiracy!) peed in… Read More

That Horrible Slicing Sound

As the GOP’s filiburstering balls are cut off: Arlen Specter apparently switching parties. On the other hand, this probably means Norm Coleman will take his election appeal all the way to the US Supreme Court. Because that’s what… Read More

Zoe’s Tale Out in Paperback

Today’s the day: Zoe’s Tale officially hits the shelves in paperback form. If you’ve been holding off on getting the book until it was presented in this easily transportable and affordable form, wait no longer! Or at the… Read More

2009 Locus Award Finalist List is Out

And it is here, for those of you who are interested. I’m a finalist in two categories: Young Adult Novel Little Brother, Cory Doctorow (Tor); The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins, Bloomsbury); Tender Morsels, Margo Lanagan (Knopf); Nation,… Read More

May Appearance Reminders

May is going to be a busy month for me in terms of appearances, and then I hide in a hole until the last weekend of July. So if you’re gonna stalk me, May’s your month. Here’s where… Read More

Really the Only Thing That Has to Be Said About the YA Thing

Observers of the science fiction field will note the Nebula Award for Best Novel was won this year by a YA book, that the Tiptree Award is co-shared by a YA novel, and that in the Hugo Best… Read More

Free Anthology; Tiptree Awards

Two quick things: First, you may recall Mary Anne Mohanraj did me a mitzvah recently and did a thoughtful and very interesting guest entry on racism (two, actually). Some of you mentioned at the time you wondered what… Read More

My Drug of Choice

This morning the local convenience store manager looked at me, and asked with neighborly concern if everything was all right. I told her everything was fine, except that the entire plant kingdom was trying to mate in my… Read More

Your Musical WTF Moment for a Sunday Afternoon

Max Raabe performs “Tainted Love” as if the Weimar Republic somehow made it to 1981. Which, you know, wouldn’t have been a bad thing, considering what the alternative was. Mind the abrupt ending. Ganked from here. Frankly, I’m… Read More

Sunday #BookHaul

More BookHaulery today, available to you here. Note I’ve caught up on 30 books over the last two days and I’ve hardly made a dent in the books I’ve recently received. Again: There are worse things in life.

2009 Nebula Winners

In case you were wondering: Novel: Powers – Ursula K. Le Guin (Harcourt, Sept. 2007) Novella: “The Spacetime Pool” – Catherine Asaro (Analog, March 2008) Novelette: “Pride and Prometheus” – John Kessel (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science… Read More

Meet the New Roof

Not the same as the old roof: The new roof is made of dimensional shingles, which my wife tells me are better and more durable than regular shingles (these came with a 30-year warranty in any event). Krissy… Read More

Saturday #BookHaul

I just completed today’s #BookHaul; more than a dozen books including work from China Mieville, Ian McDonald, Chris Roberson, Chuck Palahnuik and Anne Bishop. It’s here.

A Cat Picture to Get You Through the Weekend

Honestly, I don’t know how some of you survive without one. Is she pensive? Or just very interested in the finch at the bird feeder? Twitter feed notwithstanding, we may never know. Update: Oh, and look — an… Read More


So, with the exception of the Stranger in a Strange Land uncut edition and my old copy of Shogun which Athena was looking at, what you see here are some of the books that come to me on… Read More