Buy Bob’s Old House

Facebook Friend Charles Cogar alerts me to the fact that the house Robert Heinlein built in Colorado Springs is now up for sale. And for just $650,000! It can be your own freehold! No, I don’t plan to… Read More

Reader Request Week #9: Can I Be Bought?

Slick asks: I am rich and crazy. I want you to write a novel, putting forth your best effort. It will be objectively considered your best work to date. And then I want you to name a flat… Read More

Iowa Lets You Marry The Person You Love

Even if that person has the same plumbing you do. A summary of the ruling is here. And of course the same sort of people who pulled off the bigoted and hateful stripping of civil rights from same-sex… Read More

Reader Request Week 2009 #8: Twitter

Ben rather crankily wants to know my thoughts on: Twitter: A revolution in information consumption & dissemination OR I don’t give a fuck what you want for breakfast. What Twitter is, frankly, is a public exhibition of what… Read More