Hate Mail Review at Green Man Review

This is fun: Someone who says she does not actually read Whatever reviews Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, which is, of course, a compilation of Whatever entries over ten years. The verdict? [O]ne needn’t be an avid… Read More

Profit From My Death

I promised Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press that if I did not send him a story I owed him by next Monday, he could kill me. Bill, that bastard, has decided to outsource the manner of my death… Read More

For Some Reason I Have a Feeling You May Need a Cat Picture Today

So here you go: Lopsided Cat, apparently having a thought, which I suspect was “Wow, if that spot on the desk was clear, I could sleep on it.” I say I suspect it, because once I did indeed… Read More

Reader Request Week 2009 Index

In case you had your leg in a bear trap all last week and thus were unable to access Teh Intarweebs all last week, thereby missing out on Reader Request Week 2009, here’s a handy index so you… Read More

Hugo Voter Packet Update, 4/6/09

First: The Hugo Voter packet is all assembled and at this point all I need to do is drop in a couple of notes. Thanks to all the Hugo and Campbell nominees who are participating; Hugo voters are… Read More