Reader Request Week 2009 Index

In case you had your leg in a bear trap all last week and thus were unable to access Teh Intarweebs all last week, thereby missing out on Reader Request Week 2009, here’s a handy index so you can catch up:

Reader Request Week 2009 #1: SF YA These Days

Reader Request Week 2009 #2: OMW and Zoe’s Tale (and Angst and Pain)

Reader Request Week 2009 #3: Space!

Reader Request Week 2009 #4: Procreation

Reader Request Week 2009 #5: Having Been Poor

Reader Request Week #6: 80s Pop Music

Reader Request Week #7: Writing and Babies

Reader Request Week 2009 #8: Twitter

Reader Request Week #9: Can I Be Bought?

Reader Request Week 2009 #10: Writing Short Bits

Reader Request Week 2009 #11: Wrapping Up

Hope these are worth having chewed your leg off for.

6 thoughts on “Reader Request Week 2009 Index

  1. Well, they were interesting. But I was still hoping for the Gospel of Scalzi, darnit. How are we supposed to live our lives without science fiction authors founding bizarre pseudo-religious creeds for us to follow? :P

  2. They were great. I really enjoyed reading them.Especially since I’m a new reader to the blog and I plan to hang around for a while. Thanks John, ma’boy. You are “teh uber” blogger.

  3. Wow, I DID have my leg caught in a bear trap all last week! How did you know? And why didn’t you come help?

  4. Boy, it’s a shame you couldn’t get to a computer, you could’ve requested a post on how to get out of bear traps!

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