My Memory Is Not What It Was, Plus Book Haul Re-Starting

Funny story: I got a package of books from Eos and Avon yesterday, the biggest of which was an ARC of The New Space Opera 2, an upcoming anthology of (you guessed it!) space opera stories. About which… Read More

Today’s Deep Thought

Via Diesel Sweeties (and to me, via akreventlov on Twitter): see more hipster robot webcomics and pixel t-shirts

Surprise! You’re Queer (Maybe)

Actor Alan Cumming suggests that one does not need to be gay in order to be queer: I would like to advocate replacing the word “gay” with “queer” when talking in broad terms about our collective experience. Queer… Read More

The Big Idea: Robert J. Sawyer

What would we do if the World Wide Web became sentient? I, for one, would welcome our new LOLcatting overlord, and would ask it to kill every spammer it could find, in its mercy. But then I’m thinking… Read More

In Which I Shamelessly Shill for the People What Give Me Money

AMCtv.com has recently opened a site where you can watch a collection of “classic” b-movies (including Dark Star, pictured above), and this week’s AMC column is why I think this is pretty cool. Yes, it’s an utterly transparent… Read More