Athena’s been in a bit of a gothy mood recently, as the above picture well illustrates. This is something I do not discourage; between this and, say, Hannah Montana, I know which I prefer her be into. That… Read More

Tea Bagging For Fun and Profit

A question in e-mail from Edward: I realize you are busy, what with the death avoidance thing and all, but I would love your take on the “Tea Parties” that Fox news and Glenn Beck are putting together…. Read More

Quick Scalzi/Twitter FAQ

While (vaguely) on the subject of Twitter, a very quick FAQ on my presence on that service, since people have been peppering me with questions about it, and it’ll be good to have something to refer folks to… Read More

AmazonFail Followup

AmazonFail seems to have been squared away reasonably well, with, as I understand it, most of the blame going to someone toggling something in a database somewhere and 50,000+ books losing their sales ranking all of a sudden…. Read More

Updates on BigIdeaAuthors.com and Hugo Voter Packet

A quick update on these two projects, since I’m getting mail about both: BigIdeaAuthors.com: The development side of this is going along swimmingly — Web guru Tony Geer is helping us whomp up a site design we really… Read More

Now, About That Novella

Since people seem to be curious about it, here’s what’s up with the novella I just finished. First: It’s called The God Engines. If the title seems vaguely familiar to fans/stalkers/others, it would be because last year Locus… Read More