The Obama High Speed Rail Initiative Generates an Unexpected Rural Spur

Yes, Lopsided Cat has been commissioned as Darke County’s monorail cat. He’s looking forward to his first passengers, which he reports will be small neighborhood rodents, which he plans on carrying in his belly. Don’t ask how they… Read More

Look Out, I’m About to Get All Windham Hill On Your Ass

Why? Because this is still the best version of “Time After Time” ever, that’s why: Sadly for new age types everywhere, Windham Hill Records doesn’t appear to exist anymore — it got eaten by SonyBMG and everything directs… Read More

Happy Birthday Krissy

For yet another spin around the sun, the planet has been graced by the presence of my wife, whose general qualities on the awesome front have not lessened and have indeed by all measurable indications increased. You would… Read More

I Got Nothing

Here’s an interesting fun fact: Since I finished The God Engines last Monday, this is the first time since 2001 that I have no new book project scheduled for publication. In terms of original stuff, TGE comes out… Read More