Space is Cool

Damn, this is an excellent picture from the Cassini Saturn mission: Saturn’s rings, the small moon of Epimetheus, and hydrocarbon-laden Titan, fuzzy in the background. Gorgeous. There’s more where that came from here. I’d go look at them… Read More

Mmmm… (Power) Pop

It’s like a power pop math puzzle: Fountains of Waynes’ Adam Schlesinger + Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha + Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos + Hanson’s Taylor Hanson = ????? Here’s the answer: It’s a good answer. Here’s a… Read More

Cat and Zoe

Cleverly addressing two constituencies at once, here’s a picture of Ghlaghghee and a picture of the mass market paperback edition of Zoe’s Tale, a contractually mandated box of which just showed up at my door a week ahead… Read More

The Big Idea: Michael Z. Williamson

Authors, the next time you whine and moan about your difficulties writing at home (or in a coffee shop or whatever), spare a thought for Michael Z. Williamson, whose latest book Contact With Chaos got done not in… Read More

Teabaggers and Puppetmasters

An e-mail today, which I suspect is tongue-in-cheek, but which actually is worth making a point about: Why do the teabaggers and their puppetmasters hate America so much? Well, in terms of the teabaggers, of course, they don’t… Read More