9 thoughts on “DSL is Down

  1. I love ‘unread onslaught’. That’s when your TBR book stack finally falls over on you, right?

  2. I just go on a neighbor’s open wireless when our cable modem goes out. One of the advantages to living in a city, I suppose.

    Also, depending on your cell service, you might want to look into one of those cell-carrier based USB modem stick thingies. T-Mobile charges too much for theirs, otherwise I’d have one.

  3. Did you have thunder storms around compound Scalzi??
    My cable modem and the LAN port of my wireless router were fried a few years ago after a thunder storm. both units would power up, but the Ethernet ports on both devices got zapped.

    also most cable companies will let you buy your own cable modem, it saves me 3 bucks a month off my cable bill.

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